Monday, August 31, 2009

Diarra: "My team-mates helped me a lot during those difficult months"

Carlos Cristobal / translation by Manuel Arcedillo
Diarra has recovered from an injury which has kept him off the pitch during eight months. In an interview to, the midfielder talks about his recovery process and how happy he is to be able to help the team once more.
Are you happy now you’ve left behind such hard times?
I’m very happy right now. I work with the team and I can touch the ball normally.
How did you feel when the doctors told you the seriousness of your injury?
In fact, I knew there was something wrong with my knee before they told me. I tried to hold on a bit longer so I could help the team but my knee finally gave up and I had to undergo surgery. The knee was 80% broken. Both cartilages and the outer meniscus were broken. It was an extremely serious injury.
It’s the worst injury for a footballer.
Yes, it’s one of the worst things that can happen not only to footballers, but to anyone. We all depend on our knees because they’re one of the parts which bear the weight of the whole body. If they don’t work properly, even walking becomes difficult. Not to mention running.
Tell us about your recovery process.
It has been my worst time as a professional. They were very, very difficult moments. I was on crutches for the first two months, which was hard. Then I spent five or six months working on my own in the gym. Everything has been difficult. I hope to never go through these eight months again in my life. I don’t wish it to happen to any other footballer either.
What was worse, the physical workouts or the thoughts that ran through your mind?
El trabajo físico fue duro, pero lo peor está fuera del equipo. Estás fuera del grupo, siempre en el gimnasio, únicamente con Ruud y el preparador, Chamo. Y mientras ves a tus compañeros entrenar. Eso es lo peor, el querer ayudar al grupo y no poder hacerlo.
During your recovery period, each small step forward must have been a happy moment...
Yes, it was. But it’s finally over and I’m happy. I work to gradually recover my strength. I’m happy that my knee is not giving me any problems and now I’m ready to help the team, which is what I want most.

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