Monday, August 31, 2009

"In Spain the first is the King and then the RM

metzelder interview

Have you found your site at Real?

Last year was difficult because I faced a tough competition. But at the end of the day it comes down to trial that one makes of himself. This summer I made a surprisingly good preparation, and it has favored the hiring of new coach.
What is most difficult in football to pay a hundred percent or present himself to the club and exemplary?

One thing does not remove the other. My obligation is to provide a good athletic performance. But football is an activity of public interest. Many children take to the players as role models. That is a responsibility not to forget a professional footballer.
How much intelligence should be taken to be a good center?

Football has changed a lot, especially for defenders, the goalkeeper on sales and disposal of libero. And the tactic, which involves keeping all defenses online. Today, the holder of this position is always a very outstanding player of the others. The list of requirements that are needed has increased. Defenders of today are mostly strategists, while the forwards are more artists.

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