Monday, August 31, 2009

Raúl: "The team has worked hard in preseason and now we must prove it"

Carlos Cristobal / Translation by Manuel Arcedillo
Raul sat down for an interview prior to starting his sixteenth league season as Madridista. He is confident that this squad can fight to win every title.
How do you feel about the season which is about to begin?
I’m excited, as all Madridistas are. There’s a new project and new players, very important footballers who have improved the squad. We want the Bernabeu to enjoy our game once more and we’re going to fight for every title.
Has the excitement of the fans reached the players?
Yes, we have felt the atmosphere created around the team mainly during the preseason games. We have played more games at the Bernabeu thanks to the Peace Cup and we received a very nice welcome. The same happened in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy. You can tell fans are looking forward to watching the games and seeing the new players on the pitch. We’re all anxious to win games. Now that the season is about to begin, we hope to pay back the fans with good football and victories.
How were the first days of work?
It all went well. We have a new coach who has brought new ideas to the team and we have adapted well to them. The main goal has always been to win games and showcase good football and we’ve been moving closer to achieving it with each game we played. We arrive in good shape to the start of La Liga.
It’s a positive balance, then...
Yes. Regardless of the match results, in preseason it’s paramount to build a team before the league kicks-off. The team has processed the new concepts and everything has turned out well. We didn’t have any injuries and every member of the squad has helped the team and taken part in games.
What impression has Pellegrini made on you?
He has caused good impression. His job at Villareal during the last years has been very good. He knows Spanish football and its players inside-out. He’s doing a great job. We’re happy about his ideas and the concept he has of the game. We are willing to give joy to fans and show what we have achieved so far.
There have been several new signings and they have adapted well to the team...
Yes. The squad is made up of nice people and that makes adaptation easier for the new players. They are very important players who want to do things right. They are adapting quickly and that’s good news because that way they can give everything they’ve got.

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