Monday, August 31, 2009

Valdano: "We must live up to the high expectations

Director General Jorge Valdano was very happy with the team's victory over Deportivo La Coruña. He also wished to clarify the controversial comments attributed to him about Milito.

"The team did very well. There was a bit of irregularity in its performance, but this is normal at this stage. The team has seven new players on the starting eleven, which are too many. People should understand the coach is working very hard to make them all blend together."

"The great professional nature of our players is the great advantage we have to improve. We were in trouble two or three times during the game, but the team moved on nevertheless. The match had moments of fantastic individual quality. We should all be very happy."

"The enthusiasm on the stands before the match was a sign of how excited all Madridistas are about the team. We must live up to their expectations and we know that won't be easy. The players know this too."

"This was a complicated match. It was very hot and the players were nervous because it was the first fixture. You could tell they were nervous in some individual plays. Nevertheless, I hope it all flows better from now on."

"I have nothing to clarify concerning my comments on the differences between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The quotes were faithful with the opinions I expressed in the interview. Regarding the supposed comments I made about Milito, the press agency personally told me they made a mistake and misquoted me, so I wish to clarify this. I've already done so with Barcelona's President and I tried to do so with the player, who is in Argentina right now. I sent him an SMS. The quotes were very controversial, but I haven't seen or heard a single mention of the press agency's rectification. I hope Milito recovers soon because he is a great player and an excellent person. That's why we were interested in signing him at one stage."

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