Friday, September 4, 2009

FOOTBALL 2008-2009 Real Madrid - Casillas - 0 Madrid's iker casillas has slammed the balls used in major competitions like the Champions League, saying their flight is untrue and makes life extremely difficult for goalkeapers...
"How they make the balls makes things difficult these days, particularly the one for the Champions League."I am sorry but it has got to the stage where it just can't be allowed to continue," Casillas, who is also Spain's number one keeper, told sports daily AS.
"The flight is terrible: you saw that at the Confederations Cup and the European Championship."
The balls for the Champions League, the Confederations Cup and the European Championship are manufactured by German sporting goods firm Adidas.
"The ball used in the league is a bit better, it can do strange things but not many," added Casillas. "The other one is a complete disaster."

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