Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I never get tired of winning"
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Manuel Arcedillo
Cristiano Ronaldo talked in an interview to El Pais Semanal about the pressure he’s gone through since he was a child and about his new era at Real Madrid.
“When I was eleven I moved on my own to Lisbon. I cried every day, but I liked the experience. I learned a lot, especially about living under pressure.”

“I’ve always had my feet on the ground. I’m a normal guy who does unusual things, that’s all. I always try to leave a good impression. I do it especially for kids because it’s important that they grow up with good role models. The people who live with me know I’m an honest man. I’m not two-faced.”

“I’m at a great club and I’m going to prove to myself, my family, the ones who love me and the people who signed me that I’m worth it. I’ve been taking huge responsibilities since I was very young. It was difficult at the beginning but I felt glad that people trusted me so much. It gave me strength.”

“I’m willing to leave a good mark at Real Madrid. I don’t get tired of winning, and if victories come playing good football, all the better. We have a solid squad and a great coach, so we have everything we need to succeed.”

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