Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good times for Higuain

“I'm very proud of being called-up by the national team”
Maradona has called-up Higuain for the first time. The Argentinean forward declared feeling proud of it but will remain focused on Real Madrid until his debut with the national team.
You’re not upset despite not enjoying many minutes of play. However, Cristiano doesn’t look very happy whenever he is substituted.
I take those things easy. Any player likes to play, but there’s no need to be upset.

How are you feeling?
I’m fine. I’m working as hard as any other member of the squad. I sense the coach and the team have confidence in me, so I have to keep on working hard to be able to play games.

You’ve finally been called-up by Argentina.
 I’m very happy. Right now I’m focused on Real Madrid games and then I’ll think about my national team. I am very proud. I’ve worked very hard to get there.

Real Madrid showcase tremendous fire power but their level of play isn't convincing. Why?
There are many new players, so it’s just a matter of time. The best thing is that we’re scoring many goals and that we aren’t conceding any. The rest will come in due time. This team has enough quality to showcase good football.

They say Florentino Perez has received a letter from a warlock.
I don’t believe in witches, so I’m not scared.

What’s your opinion on players making ugly fouls on Messi without being booked? And what about Drenthe receiving just a yellow card for his tackle? 
Those are decisions made by referees. I can’t intervene. It wasn’t Royston’s intention to injure anyone. It’s a pity because we are all colleagues. I hope he recovers soon.

Does Pellegrini want forwards to do anything special when defending?
Forwards are the first defensive line. He asks us to pressure the opponent's defense and to be mobile.

The four forwards overlapped each other against Tenerife. Isn't it better to postion one of them towards the midfield?
It seemed so in the first half. This is going to improve, but those are coaching decisions. We didn’t play as we intended, but at least we won.

Do you think you can be a starter?
We’re rotating a lot and we’ll all have our chance to feel important at some point or another.

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