Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Granero: "Signing for the Club is all I ever wanted, and now everything depends on me"
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Manuel Arcedillo
Esteban Granero is one of Real Madrid's new signings. The academy player sat down with Telemadrid and talked about his objectives for the season and the warm welcome he has received.
How do you feel after leaving the uncertainty about your future behind?
I never lost hope of playing for Real Madrid. When you have a dream, you must fight to make it come true. Things got complicated, but luckily I signed for the Club, which is all I ever wanted, and now everything depends on me.

With so much manpower up front, do you think Pellegrini could include players like you in the line-up and leave one of the forwards out?
It’s good that we have lots of goal scorers. We have to find a way of making good use of this potential and I’m a player capable of getting the ball through to them.

It seems the fans are on your side…
Fans like the effort and will-power of academy players. The years spent at Valdebebas are very important and I learned a lot there. I’m grateful about the warm welcome I’ve received and now I want to pay them back through my effort and ambition. It’s the least I can do.

Do you remember the 1999 7-a-side international tournament final in which Real Madrid defeated Barcelona after you scored a goal in extra time?
It’s one of the many good memories I have from the academy. Now I’ve returned to the Club and I can’t waste the chance.

What play would you like to repeat, serving an assist to Raul from the corner-kick or scoring a goal after Kaka’s heel pass?
Both plays in a single game would do.

Del Bosque has already answered questions about you. Is playing for Spain’s national team one of your goals?
Since playing for the national team depends on what you do at your club, my only goals relate to playing for Real Madrid. Once you become an important club player you can start reaping rewards such as being called-up for the national team.

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