Monday, September 21, 2009

Pellegrini post-match comments

"We didn't play well as a team, but I am pleased with the final score"

Despite his team cruising to a 5-0 win against Xerez, Manuel Pellegrini was critical about the way his men played at several key points of the match.

“Each match is different. We didn't play well as a team, especially in the first twenty minutes. Perhaps we were too confident after the first goal. Xerez controlled the ball well. We improved in the second half with more midfielders on the pitch and the goals were a product. What I am not satisfied about is how we treated the ball.”
“You can always draw conclusions after a match. This starting eleven can play more games. We believed that these were the best eleven to play. We also took into account the fact that we have three matches this week. The two formulas, one with more forwards and the other with more midfielders, work.”
“Fans see, feel and express with applause or whistles. Today it was Fernando Gago's turn, but he shouldn't be affected because he is good enough to change things around.”
“I am happy because we won 5-0. The goals weren't a coincidence, but we didn't play that well. It's a matter of irregularities at the start of the season, but I am fine seeing how things are turning out. We are still improving.”
“I don't think there is any lack of adapting to the system. No team has created a lot of chances against us yet. It is hard to play well for 90 minutes. We placed a lot of faith in the team's fire power. Individual assessments are made in private with players. I am speaking about the collective effort.”
“I said the absence of Xabi Alonso was significant, but I also said that this team can play with anybody out.. We have plenty of options.”

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