Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pellegrini post-match comments

"We net more than three goals on average per clash and we are the least scored-upon team"

Manuel Pellegrini was proud of his men's performance.

Cristiano and Granero seemed annoyed about being replaced...
It's not important. No player in the world likes to be replaced. The coach has to decide what's best for the team and the players must comply. It isn't a problem.

Why was there such a difference between both parts of the game? Was it because of the changes you made?
The first half was very bad in general and the substitutions naturally helped. Kaka and Guti are playing very well and it seemed logical that the team would score with them. We are playing too many consecutive games and we know Kaka influences our performances heavily, but we tried to resolve the match without him because we have a Champions League clash on Wednesday.

Is the Lass-Xabi Alonso pairing necessary? The team played better with Alonso on his own in that position...
There are many ways of playing a game; it all depends on the clash itself. It has nothing to do with individual players.

The fans seem to think the team's game should be better...
The team is still working on many aspects of the game. We are improving on many of them. We've scored 16 goals so far, more than three on average per clash. We are also the least scored-upon team. We have to improve on several things, but I think we are on the right track regarding others.

What did you think of Tenerife?
I thought they were a very good team. They've been playing together for a long time. I told my men they weren't going to focus simply on defending. We were better in the second half and I believe we deserved to win.
 the team's muscle injuries worry you?
Ramos shouldn't have played against Villarreal; his debut had been planned to be tonight, but Garay's injury complicated things. We knew Ramos could experience problems if he played two games in four days. I hope it isn't serious.

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