Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pepe excited about his return

"I must now prove what kind of man, person and player I am on the pitch"
Arancha Diaz / Translation by

Five months have passed since Pepe played his last league match. The defender’s suspension is now over and he is looking forward to turning the page and proving that the incident that took place has nothing to do with what the real Pepe.

Your suspension is finally over. How have you spent you time?
I am grateful to the club for supporting me at all times. I must now prove what kind of man, person and player I am on the pitch.

What was the hardest part?
Not being able to play while watching my teammates work. All that matters is that I am good to go, ready to prove who I am on the pitch and ready to defend this shirt.

Have you reflected on what took place against Getafe?
I am not bothered by it. I only look ahead to playing and helping my team.

What have you learned from this?
It is now a thing of the past. The hardest part was not being able to participate, but I saw my suspension through and am ready to play and prove who I am.

What are your thoughts on Olympique Marseille?
They are third in the French league. I know several of their players and they are all very good. Many of them played for Porto and I also know Lucho Gonzalez. They are a dangerous team, but Real Madrid must always seek the three points.

What kind of reception did you get during preseason matches in Spain?
People in Seville yelled my name in a show of support. I haven’t been criticized anywhere. People know that it is something that can happen. I learned from it and it will never happen again.

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