Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Madrid 5-0 Xerez

Alegría tras el gol de Ronaldo

In nine days Real Madrid notched nine points in league and Champions League action. The count started against Espanyol, continued in Zurich and concluded with the victory against Xerez.  Cristiano Ronaldo (with four league goals to his name), Guti, Benzema and Van Nistelrooy found the back of the net on Sunday to put Real Madrid at the top of the table.
Real Madrid and Xerez had never met in league action prior to tonight. Adding to the excitement of the match was the reappearance of Sergio Ramos, who played his first match of the season and proved that the tendonitis in his left Achilles is a thing of the past. Other changes with respect to the starting eleven in Zurich included Garay teaming up with Albiol and Marcelo on the back line. Gago covered the absence of Xabi Alonso in the midfield and Benzema took position in attack in place of Higuain.

The match began as expected. Real Madrid laid siege on the opponent's box and before the first minute had ticked off the clock Cristiano Ronaldo had already perforated the Xerez defense. The Portuguese fired between two defenders and beat Renan. The second didn't appear to take long in coming. Cristiano Ronaldo had a go from the top of the box and Raul received the deflection, but Renan managed to make the save and subsequently got a hand on a shot by Kaka. It was easy to think that Xerez would cave in, but on the contrary. The visitors dug in their feet for the long haul.

Xerez gained possession of the ball and had several attempts via free kicks. The first was taken by Viqueira, who managed to find the crossbar (10’). The Azulinos took advantage of corner kicks and fouls to draw closer to Iker's box, but if Albiol and Garay couldn't thwart the offensive, the Madridista keeper would. Though infrequent, Real Madrid's efforts were much more elaborate. Raul's left-footer following a pass by Marcelo (41’) was unsuccessful, and Xerez followed with header by Aythami, but the score didn't change and the teams headed to the dressing rooms for halftime.

Xerez continued strong in the second. They had come to the Bernabeu with the intention of having fun, which happened to  be one of their best assets. Pellegrini's men meanwhile wanted a second. Kaka nearly had it but his final pass on the goalline was intercepted by Aythami (48’). Xerez tried their luck with a combination between Armenteros and Maldonado but were stymied by Casillas (52’). Manuel Pellegrini replaced Raul and Kaka with Granero and Guti, who didn't take long to drive the Xerez back line mad. But first Cristiano Ronaldo capped off his brace with a header following a corner kick by Granero (75’). 

With little time to retake position, the Azulinos conceded the third. Cristiano Ronaldo curled in a pass, Benzema missed the shot on two occasions, and Guti was there to clean up (78’). Completely devastaed, Xere still had two more to give up. Benzema scored the fourth after a pass by Van Nistelrooy, who had only been on the pitch for three minutes, and then the Dutchman himself completed the smackdown by slipping the ball in between Renan's legs (89’).
Real Madrid
Sergio Ramos
 Guti H. 69'Goal 79'
BenzemaGoal 82'
Cristiano RonaldoGoal 1', 75'
 Van Nistelrooy 79'Goal 89'
 Granero 60'
David Prieto
 Momo 59'
Alex Bergantiños
Carlos Calvo
 Abel 74'
 Antoñito 68'

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