Thursday, September 3, 2009

 Brazilian star considers himself a complete player.

, currently away on international duty with Brazil, does not see himself as a new Diego Maradona, but rather as a mixture of the current Argentina boss and his country's national coach, Dunga.

"I would say a mixture, even because of my attributes. I am not a great artist like Maradona was with regards to on the field matters," Kaka said at a press conference.

"I am more of a complete player, and that is the way I try to play, always trying to improve on being a complete player because I know what my limits are.

"Football nowadays is very physical. Talent alone is not enough, so to mix art and efficiency is ideal for football nowadays."

Meanwhile, the Real Madrid star praised Lionel Messi, whom he considers to be the "favorite" to be voted the FIFA World Player of the Year.

"I believe Messi will be the big favorite for this trophy," he stated.

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