Saturday, September 19, 2009


We have displayed a considerable amount of balance in every match"

Manuel Pellegrini stressed that the team has a lot of improving to do and that winning doesn't depend on just one player during Saturday's press conference.

How is Albiol?
He is on the squad list meaning he is fit to play.

Do you see Sergio Ramos playing as a center back or along the wing?
Sergio is fortunately healthy again and he has been preparing for the round of matches we have ahead of us. I think he is primarily a winger, but he is versatile.

Is the worst thing about Xerez that they appear to be an easy opponent?
Thinking that a match is won before it is played always complicates things, but the team is mentally prepared. We try to play as balanced as we can, so Sunday should be no different.

Is Kaka the player who is most likely to rest with the match against Villarreal only days away?
The other day I said that there is no fixed criteria. I have no problem playing the same team two matches in a row. We will see how the players feel on Sunday and go from there.

What are your thoughts on Messi's new contract?
It isn't a matter I have thought about. He is a great player so I am sure he deserved it.

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