Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Champions League Is Our Most Important Objective - Real Madrid Legend Raul

Raul Gonzalez has revealed that he wants to win the Champions League this season and re-establish Real Madrid as European giants after several seasons of making an early exit from the competition.

Los Merengues' skipper believes that the European Cup, which the club has won on nine occasions, is ahead of the league in order of importance.

With the final being held at the Santiago Bernabeu this season the pressure has also increased for Madrid to do well and Raul is hopeful that the team can perform.

"The Champions League is the most important competition. It has the best clubs in the continent participating in it," he told CNN.

"It has traditionally been our competition because we've won more European Cups than any other team. We want to recover that."

Madrid may have lost their first league game of the campaign against Sevilla on Sunday, but Raul is pleased with the way the season has begun.

"We've had a very positive start. Many people have joined the team in this new project and they have to integrate. We have a new coach with new ideas, so I don't think you can ask more of us at this stage.

"We can still do much more. We can improve on our performances, but there is nothing better than earning good results at the start of the season. We will play well in time. We just need to know each other better and play together more.

"We have to keep our chances to win titles alive in March, April and May.

"Football has different eras. We've gone through a very bad one in recent years. We weren't in the fight for the title. This new project has brought hope and excitement back.

"This is a great squad, both on a technical and personal level. We want to recover our prestige. We will do our best, especially because the final will take place at the Bernabeu," he concluded.

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