Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cruyff stunner: Real Madrid cash has Barcelona scared!

Johan Cruyff has made the extraordinary claim that Real Madrid has Barcelona running scared!

Cruyff, a Barca legend, has criticised his old club for extending the contract of Lionel Messi.

"I'm not in favour of long contracts and that's what Barca signed with Messi," said Cruyff. "I prefer renewing for three or four years. The player, whoever he is, needs a motivation to continue growing. And I, as a club, would always look to go ahead improving something year by year if he deserves it."

Reports suggest Real president Florentino Perez was considering an audacious bid for Messi and Cruyff believes that forced Barca's hand.

"In sport you can never be sure about anything," he continued.

"I know that an anti-Florentino clause applied, I know that they have put him on a salary level with the best in the world. But to extend it from now until 2016 seems excessive to me.

"The club did it for the old fear of in case the bogeyman came and took him away. But if he comes so what? There are many and yes they can come and they will continue to come."

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