Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Diarra happy about his recovery

"I wish to thank the Club's Medical Staff, its physiotherapists and the new Board, who had faith in me. I wish to thank everyone who supported me. My knee is in perfect shape now. I feel stronger than before and even younger. I've recovered the speed I was lacking and I'm capable of doing things I wasn't able to do before I underwent surgery."

"I'm sad for the defeat against Sevilla, but I'm also happy because I was born as a player again in the match. It's like starting a career all over again. I tried to concentrate as hard as I could as soon as I learned I was going to be a starter. Both my legs felt like they were new. I will gain more strength in time."

"We can draw positive conclusions of what happened on Sunday. I'm sure this setback will help us improve considerably. A great team never loses twice in a row, or so they say... And we are a great team!"

"We can and we must do something great this year given the squad we have. Talent isn't enough; we'll have to showcase the drive and strength that helped us win two league titles. Everything seems easier when you play with men like Kaka, Cristiano and Xabi."

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