Saturday, October 10, 2009

Evra: Man Utd and Real Madrid will meet in Champions League final

Patrice Evra has looked in his crystal ball and sees Manchester United facing Real Madrid in this season's Champions League final.

Both clubs are already well placed to advance to the knockout phase even though they have only played two matches.

"I know we will play Real Madrid," the French international told Inside United.

"I can't explain it. It is just a feeling. But I think we will play them, maybe even in the next round."

And that would mean Evra being given the task of subduing Ronaldo, a task he has had plenty of practice for.

"I once played against him in an Under-21 international but remember, I used to face him every day in training. He knows it could be very difficult for him," said Evra.

"Ronaldo was a close friend and I was sad to see him leave. But you need to accept it.

"And the thing about Manchester United is, no one player is the star - the club is the star. Sir Alex Ferguson tries to maintain that every year."

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