Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gago: "I understand the crowd's demands"

"I will always ask for the ball; nobody will ever be able to criticise me for not stepping up"
Fernando Gago is a strong asset on a squad that aspires to win every title.
"Real Madrid have to give spectacle and it's normal for the crowd to be demanding. We are working hard to do this in order to thrill the fans, but things don't always turn out as expected. The team is still looking for a specific style. It is important to win games as they sometimes help you play better because they give you confidence and more freedom."

"I don't think the fans are picking on me. I was whistled at in a couple of plays, but it's normal. I was very happy after the clash with Marseille because people appreciated the work I did. I always do the same; nobody will ever be able to criticise me for not stepping up. I know what the coach wants me to do and I will always try to do it. I will always ask for the ball, even if the fans whistle at me."

"Our goal is to fight for every title, but we must prepare for one game at a time. The best way to win every title is to think about your immediarte opponent as opposed to the one you'll face in a few days or weeks."

"For a moment we were the only team that won every match, which proves our potential. We should be able to lead in every competition with the players we have on this squad."

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