Saturday, October 10, 2009

Garay saluda a la afición

"I will never forget this day because I happen to be at the Club for which I wanted to play as a child" / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Exequiel Garay turns 23 today. The defender told that he is very happy for having his first birthday as a Madridista.

Happy birthday!
Thank you very much. I’m very happy because I always get excited about birthdays and this one is a little bit more special. I turn 23 today and I am gradually becoming a man. Time flies by and we must be happy with what happens every day of our lives. I try to enjoy every instant of life with the people that are with me and I thank God for the good things in my life.

What’s the best thing about this birthday?
The best thing about it is that I can be with my family and that I play for Real Madrid, the greatest club in the world. This is a dream come true and I will never forget this birthday because it is the first I spend at the club for which I wanted to play as a child.

Which would be the best present with which to celebrate these 23 years?
The best present on a personal level is to be healthy and to see my family is well; they are the ones who make me happy. Professionally I’d like to play many games with the Real Madrid shirt and win many titles for the Club.

How are you going to celebrate?
With my parents, my two little brothers and with two friends.

What is your wish?
I want to climb on Cibeles to celebrate as many titles as I can with Real Madrid. My team-mates have already won trophies with this team and they’ve told it is impressive to celebrate a triumph at Cibeles. I can’t wait. We’ll have to work hard and do our best in every competition.

What do you think of Alcorcon, your first opponents in the Copa del Rey?
They are a great rival we must deeply respect because they will face Real Madrid in a beautiful championship. That will motivate them. They come from a nearby town and I’m sure it will be a nice clash for everyone in the city.

We hope you are very happy this year.
Thank you. I hope it is a very happy year both for myself and for Real Madrid.

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