Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marcelo on Cadena SER

"We've forgotten about the match in Seville; the only one that matters to us now is our next clash"

Marcelo Vieira was a guest on Cadena SER. The Brazilian left back analysed the team's current situation.
"We had a hard time because we failed to take three very important points against Sevilla. We've forgotten about that match. We only think about our next clash."
"I normally don't read the press, but I did after the match in Seville and noticed my performance was criticised. I think that's normal and I know it isn't personal; it happens with all players. The press has also highlighted good performances of mine. The match was different to those we had played until then. We didn't play like we wanted and they performed very well. It was a complicated fixture. I suffered quite a bit because I saw myself in several 2-on-1 situations."

"We have to focus on continuing to perform well. I think it's normal that we sometimes lose a game. Every team will lose and our match against Sevilla happened to be very difficult. We have to concentrate on winning. It will be even better for us and our fans to do so by giving spectacle, but our priority will always be to take three points."

"Competition on the squad is understandable because the team always has the best players around. I'm used to it. The important thing is to be a proper team and that we all try to help Real Madrid."

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