Thursday, October 8, 2009


Carlos Tevez considered long and hard before agreeing to join Manchester City's fledgling bid to become a major power in the game because he had offers from Real Madrid and Liverpool, his agent has revealed.

The Argentinian striker mooted all the options that he had on the table after leaving Manchester United in the summer and opted to join Mark Hughes' revolution, rather than two existing European giants.

“The decision that Carlos made was very, very well thought out," Kia Joorabchian told TalkSport radio in England.

"His thought processes were very long. On a football scale, Carlos first and foremost always thinks about his career and what he wants and when we sat down and talked through it, Carlos has won every single major trophy that he has ever competed in except for the World Cup.

“In South America he’s won the Argentinean championship, he’s won best player in Argentina three times in a row – something which neither Pele nor Maradona did.

"He’s won the Brazilian championship, he won the European championship here with the Champions League, he’s won the Premier League, he won the Copa Libertadores – so he’s won every major championship he’s ever played in.

"When he was making his decision, he wanted a club that had a lot of ambition which he could actually achieve some great things with, a club who had not actually achieved that greatness yet.

"Most importantly in his discussions with Mark [Hughes], he said ‘are you really going to build a great team to achieve something?’ and he took that risk because he believed in what Hughes had told him and that was the main deciding factor for him.”

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